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by posted 03/26/2023

I was notified that uniform jerseys and hats should be in the week of April 10th.

The rest of the uniform you will need to provide.

Pants: The official color of the pants for the team will be gray. This seems to be the best option between keeping them clean and not getting too hot in the summer. With that said, if you already own pants in a different color, don't feel obligated to purchase a new pair. Also, on the hot summer days, feel free to dress your little players in shorts.

Socks: I'm not worried about sock colors. With pants you probably won't even see them. With shorts, we won't be uniform anyway.

Footwear: I do recommend cleats, as the grass fields can be slick, especially when wet.

Your player will also need a glove for playing defense. Bats and helmets are optional. We received helments, balls, and a tee from the league. Usually, players show up with enough bats to share.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them my way.


Coach Adam

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Coach Adam Introduction
by posted 03/26/2023

Welcome Team Dodgers! I'm looking forward to a fun 2023 season.

We will recieve clearance to start scheduling practices from the league later this evening. As soon as I get that schedule together I'll let everone know. The goal is one practice during the week and one over the weekend each week until opening day. Each practice will be scheduled for 1 hour. We will not practice once the season starts. Basically, the entire season is a practice, to start learning the fundamentals of the game. 

Practice will start this week.

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Coach Adam

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Asst Coach 
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