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7U Rules
by posted 03/30/2023

SCBA Coach Pitch 7/8U Division Rules

All Games played under NFHS rulebook with the following exceptions:

1. Field

  • a. Pitchers rubber to back of home plate is 40’
  • b. Distance between bases is 60’

2. Pitchers Circle

  • a. 5’ semi-circle from pitching rubber back
  • b. Player playing pitcher must have one foot inside the circle until the ball is hit located on either side of the Coach Pitcher.
  • c. Pitcher MUST wear a helmet with facemask at all times
  • d. Pitching coach must have 1 foot on the pitching rubber

3. Bat

  • a. Max diameter is 2 3/4”. No other restrictions

4. Game

  • a. Complete game is 6 innings
  • b. Game is regulation if 4 or more complete innings are played
  • c. 5 runs max per inning
  • d. No new inning may start after 1hr 15 min
  • e. Score is recorded 1-0 regardless of outcome
  • f. Run rule is as follows: 15 after 3, 12 after 4, 10 after 5

5. Rotation

  • a. No player shall play the same position more than two innings in a single game. All players must play at least one inning in the infield and at least one inning in the outfield within the first 3 innings.
  • b. Minimum Playing Time- No player will sit the bench for two consecutive innings; and no player may sit twice before all players have sat one inning. Coaches are required to exchange lineups, detailing all players positions for the game during the coaches meeting.

6. Batting

  • a. Each batter will get 6 pitches per at bat. Or 3 swinging strikes in 8U.
  • b. If the 6 th pitch or any subsequent pitch is fouled, the player shall get an additional pitch
  • c. Face masks are required on ALL helmets. NO batter shall bat without a face mask
  • d. NO Bunting allowed e. Infield fly rule not enforced

7. Base Running

  • a. Batters and Base Runners shall run or advance no more than 2 bases on any batted ball fielded by an infielder. 7U Cannot advance more than 2 bases on any batted ball that is fielded by an outfielder.
  • b. No runner shall advance on an overthrown ball to any base in 7U. 8U can advance 1 base on an overthrown ball limited to 1 base total. c. Lead offs and stealing is not permitted. Runner must remain on the base until the ball is hit

8. Defense

  • a. Each team field 10 players with 4 in the outfield (pitcher and catcher position must be filled regardless of the amount of players)
  • b. Catchers must be in full catchers gear

9. Defensive Coach

  • a. 1 coach permitted to stand in the outfield only and may not interfere with a batted ball

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