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Weekend Update
by posted 03/31/2023

Good evening,

Tomorrow morning is not looking good for baseball. For those that are interested, Tyler and I are going to plan to be at Donut Haus (305 West Central Ave) Saturday at 9:30am. Anyone who is available and would like to stop by is welcome to do so. We'll hang out for a little while and let the boys get to know each other. I'll also be available to answer any questions parents may have about the season. Sunday's weather looks a lot more promising, so I'm adding in a practice Sunday at 5:30pm for those who are able to make it.


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Season Updates and Practice Schedule
by posted 03/26/2023

Good evening,

Lots to share and update on this evening, so my apologies for the length of the message.

First, our practice schedule has been posted here:


We may add or update some dates based on weather and availability so I suggest subscribing to the calendar so you always have the latest info. You can do that by choosing the "Options" tab in the upper right, and then "Calendar Feed". I also realize that we have spring break right around the corner. 

Here are a some upcoming dates you will want to take note of:

  • March 31-April 4 is the SCBA weekend at Dicks Sporting Goods. You'll receive a coupon code for 20% off a purchase.
  • April 2 we should have the season game schedule posted
  • April 4 is the team parent meeting. If you're willing to step up and assist with coordinating pictures, opening day basket, and perhaps a fun end of the year event for the boys, please let me know.
  • April 10 (approximately) we will have uniforms
  • April 22 will be opening day
  • June 18 will begin the in-house tournament
  • June 25 will be the final championship game for our division

We will play our games and hold most of our practices on field two. That is the field closest to the batting cages, concession stands, and lots of parking. Our division lucked out on this one! We do have two teams from Waynesville and one team from Franklin playing in our division so we may have a travel game or two to Waynesville.

We will have 15 games scheduled with the goal to complete 12-13 of them. The first two rainouts will not be rescheduled, but after that anything that we miss will likely be made up. 

The rules for our division are posted here:


The biggest changes from last year to be aware of (other than kids pitching versus coach pitch) are as follows:

  • Pitch counts - pitchers require a certain amount of days' rest based on number of pitches thrown
  • Runners can take a six foot lead, and there will be a chalk line for this
  • Stealing is allowed once the batter has a two strike count, the runner must wait for the pitch to cross the plate
  • Pickoff attempts are allowed, and the runner can advance one base on an overthrow
  • Bunting is allowed

For uniforms and equipment, you can plan on supplying grey baseball pants and blue socks. The league will supply a jersey and hat. The boys will need a baseball glove. If they have their own bat, that's great, but if not there should be plenty to go around. All boys will need a protective athletic cup this year.

You will receive an invitation soon from an app called "GameChanger". I use this app to score the game and generally keep myself organized through the season. Feel free to let me know if there are other family members or friends that would appreciate an invite to follow the team through the app.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out. I look forward to meeting you all!



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