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After opening ceremonies, everyone can enjoy the games and activities, and the 'basket' fundraiser.  The 'basket' fundraiser and activities are located near the Clearcreek Park Concession Stand. Each team will donate a basket with the total value of the contents being $100. The money raised from this basket raffle helps toward the paying for umpires, one or our largest expenses each season. The SCBA has the best umpires in the region, as anyone who has been involved in tournament play in other communities will have already noticed, and they cost. Obtaining corporate sponsors is the preferred method of assembling the baskets. This saves parents from having yet another expense. Our sponsors are listed on this website, therefore, you can visit other businesses in town who are not on the list but may be willing to help the program in another way. Below are some ideas on how to produce this basket:

  1. Decide on a theme and ask your parents on the team or a local vendor(s) to donate items for the 'basket.' For example, a car wash basket with coupons and accessories donated by a car wash business. 
    • An 'Italian' night: Ingredients for a great Italian dinner, gift certificates to Italian restaurants, etc.
    • Dayton Dragons: Tickets to a game(s), baseball souvenirs.
    • Night At the Movies:  Gift certificates to a movie theatre, popcorn, candy, drink, money for a babysitter.
  2. Decide on a theme and each member of the team donate an item.
  3. Contact a vendor and ask for one $100 value item to be donated. Previous years
    we have had bicycles donated as a basket.

Each basket will need a milk jug or a coffee canister, with a hole cut out at the top, attached to the basket.  This will be the holder for tickets.

By 9:00 a.m., Opening Day, all baskets are to be delivered to the fundraiser area.  After Opening Ceremonies, people wanting to bid on any basket(s) will purchase tickets to place in the milk jug attached to the basket.  The tickets must have a name and phone number included.

We will announce the basket winners about 3:30pm.  You do not need to be present to win a basket!