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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do Jersey's come with my child's name screen-printed on it?

A: Yes!  The SCBA is proud to provide jerseys that include the players last name printed on it.  This not only provides a uniform look for the league it also makes things a bit easier for coaches, team parents, and parents by eliminating the effort, and cost, associated with executing this independently.

Q: Do I get to pick my child's jersey size?

A: Yes, you will be able to choose your jersey size during the registration process. We understand that children will go through growth spurts. If you have taken advantage of the early registration and you don't believe the jersey size you chose will no longer fit, don't despair. Please kindly send us an email letting us know of the need to change the player's jersey size BEFORE March 1st, otherwise additional charges may apply.  

Q: Does it really matter when I register?

A: Yes.  If you wait to register you risk a division becoming full. Once a division is full, that is it.

Q: If I register my child and they decide later not to play can I get a refund?

A: No, registrations are not refundable.

Q: Are divisions based on age or grade?

A: The SCBA moved to aged based divisions beginning with the 2018 fall season. Players must be the age, or younger, of their respective division level on April 30th of the current year.  Example: a 10U player must be 10 years old or younger on April 30th of the current season; this player cannot turn 11 prior to May 1st. See the “Divisions & Cost” tab on the website for additional detail.   

Q: Can I request that my son/daughter be on the same team as a friend?

A: We try to honor ALL requests for the Rag ball and Tee ball divisions, regardless of reason, whenever possible. All other divisions are formed with a draft and player requests will not be considered. The only way to guarantee a spot on a specific team is if you are the Head Coach, Assistant Coach (there is only one official assistant coach position for draft purposes) or to sponsor a team. Sponsorships are on a first pay basis and must be paid prior to draft to ensure protection.

Q: Can I request a specific coach?

A: We honor requests in the Rag ball and Tee ball divisions when possible. We look at requests in order of when the player has a paid registration. The later a player is registered and paid, the lower the possibility that a request can be granted. All other divisions are formed with a draft and requests cannot be honored. The only way to guarantee a spot on a specific team is if you are the Head Coach, Assistant Coach (there is only one official assistant coach position for draft purposes) or you sponsor that team. Sponsorships are on a first pay basis.

Q: Do I get to pick the jersey number?

A: All numbers will be randomly assigned for 2024 season.

Q: What is included in a uniform?

A: The SCBA provides a jersey and hat (visor for softball). The coach will notify their team regarding what color baseball pants and belt he/she would like all the players to wear.

Q: What do I need to provide for my player to get started?

A: Every player needs an appropriate fitting glove. We mention this because just like everything else, they will eventually outgrow the glove they are using. Also, girls who are beginning softball need a softball glove. The webbing should accommodate the larger size balls. We provide helmets, and catchers gear.  Bats are optional as the league has some available.  However, most prefer to have their own bat.  Please see the bat restrictions for each division under "General Information" and "Documents and Rules".

Q: Does my player need cleats?

A: Cleats are not mandatory but encouraged.  If you do purchase cleats for your player, they must have rubber/molded spikes through the 12U division.  The 14U & 18U divisions allow for either rubber/molded or metal spikes.

Q: Can I request what color or MLB team our team is assigned?

A: No. The only way to request a certain color, or team, is to sponsor a team.

Q: Can I request which days of the week we play?

A: No. With close to 1,000 players, it is impossible to honor requests for certain days off. Schedules are made to spread games accross the days of the week and time of day so that no team has a distinct advantage.  Coaches have the ability to schedule their practices.

Q: How will I know when I can schedule around the baseball/softball season?

A: The game schedule will be released by the end of March.  The schedule will cover the entire 12 game season.  The post season tournament schedule will be provided towards the end of the regular season.

Q: How will I know when Opening Day, end of season tournament or any other important dates are?

A: Please check the "Events Calendar". All important dates can be found here.

Q: If I decide not to play later, can I receive a refund?

A: No. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Q: Can I play on the high school or junior high team and also in the SCBA?

A: Yes. After your school team’s season is over you can play in the SCBA.

Q: What if I can't make all the games?

A: Everyone has a life outside of baseball and softball. Missing an occasional game is not an issue. Please be courteous and let your coach know when you will miss so they can plan accordingly.

Q: Do I need to live in Springboro to be eligible?

A: No. We welcome anyone to play in our league.

Q: What divisions have an end of season tournament?

A: Rag ball and Tee ball DO NOT have an end of season tournament. All other divisions will participate in a post season league tournament.