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Positive involvement from parents is crucial to a successful season.  Your positive attitude helps make the season run smoothly and ensures that everyone is able to take care of business and HAVE FUN! Each team needs a Team Parent!  

Having a great Team Parent allows our volunteer coaches to concentrate on teaching and coaching our children in the game of baseball or softball.  Leaving the administrative tasks to others gives them more time to help our children grow in these sports. If you are interested in this position, please check this area on the registration form and tell your coach. 

Team Parent(s) Below is a duties checklist for the team parent.  Please remember that these duties do not have to be performed by only one person.   Dividing the responsibilities makes everyone’s job easier.  The team parent is asked to ensure the following responsibilities are accomplished:

  1. Uniforms. Collect the money and purchase as a team coordinated socks, belts and pants  through the SCBA's uniform provider for a SCBA discount  or another vendor of your choosing.
  2. Telephone Calls or Emails as requested by coach.
  3. Opening Day Team Basket Fundraiser. Coordinate the construction and preparation of a team basket to be donated and raffled off during the opening day festivities.
  4. Picture Day. Collect picture envelopes with money from players and provide to the photographer.  Later in the season, distribute pictures upon receipt from photographer.
  5. Team Treats, Optional.  Alternatively, make snack and drink schedule assignments to for each game. 
  6. Post Season Party, Optional.  A post season party is purely optional; make it a team decision.  If the team votes for a post season party, you may want to involve or invite the team sponsor.
  7. Coach’s Gift, Optional.  Again, this is optional; make it a team decision. If the team votes for a coach’s gift, it is usually presented at the final season game or post season party.
  8. Assistance to the Coach. Provide the best assistance to the coach, given the volunteer time you have available.